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RadRugs is an NFT project built on Solana that aims to contribute to creating a more safe and welcoming ecosystem for investors and to give back to those who have been exploited by shameless projects. Because the Solana ecosystem is so inclusive, some bad people are taking advantage of the crypto craze to steal from investors.

The term "rug pull" refers to a scam in which the creators of a crypto-currency project abandon it after stealing money from investors. This term reflects the deep distress of the duped investors who were promised wealth and a bright future. RadRugs aims to expose all those scam projects that are hurting mainstream crypto adoption, to provide tools to review and rank projects based on a security score, and to give back in a positive way to those who have been the innocent victims of such schemes.

We chose the term "rad" because we bring a little positivity to a rather negative situation. "Rad" means "cool", and we think it describes our team and our vision well.

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We are leveraging innovative technologies to create a more safe and inclusive ecosystem for everyone.

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We are developing a community of people who wants to have a positive impact in the world.

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Our RadRugs collection is the key to unlocking all the special features that you need to invest responsibly.