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Projects Audited

$ 216M

Marketcap Assessed

70% of the low-risk projects we audited
sold out completely at mint!
We Help You Do Your Own Research.

RadRugs is building a unique ecosystem to provide the crypto community with effective and simple tools to assess the risk of NFT projects. Our team of experienced auditors inspect and analyze projects from a security standpoint to help you DYOR.

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Our Proud Customers.
  • Straight-forward Process

    "The process and requirements are straightforward; the team is a pleasure to work with because of their clarity and responsiveness."

    Mart McFly

    Floppy Labs

  • Detailed Audit

    Thank you for the updates and the detailed audit! I really appreciate your time and kind words.


    VOOvOO Club

  • Every project should use your services

    Honestly, I really appreciate it! It helps legitimate projects like ours get a little more conviction behind them. Thanks to your tips/suggestions, we feel much more prepared to make a move today. It's a perfect tool to check your project and make sure everything lines up well with the NFT community. A lot of people are afraid to use your service because it might result in a bad score. But for us, we wanted to know exactly what we were missing. This is a service that every project should use to improve.

  • It's been a pleasure!

    Great, thank you so much fams, it's been a pleasure working with you guys!

  • Thorough and professional audit

    Thank you for the thorough and professional audit. You were also very transparent and fact-focused, and your communication on how to improve our project was excellent and well received.


    Tsukino Neko

  • The audit helped us achieve better results

    We had a very pleasant experience. The feedback is honest, detailed and focused on helping us achieve better results. We enjoyed the audit process, and the responsiveness was excellent.


    Pet Solciety

  • Great Feedback

    All great feedback! Thank you for doing all of this!


    The Poors

  • Deep Dive

    The audit and recommendations were great. You guys really did a deep dive.



  • Grateful for your feedback

    Dear RadRugs team, thank you very much for your comment. I discussed it with my team today, and we are very grateful for your feedback. We are now starting the corrections; we will have them finished by tomorrow night.


    Planet B Club

  • Accurate Audit

    Hello, thank you for your honest feedback; I think it is quite accurate on the weak points that our project needs to improve. The best time to do the 2nd audit is when our website is finished. At that time, the doxxing will be finished, and the full information from the founders, plus the roadmap and more detailed knowledge of the project. I think we got a good score since we are very early.


    DeSunny Gang

  • You helped our project improve

    I am very grateful for your audit! I will write down every point and do whatever it takes to prepare for the second audit. All this will help my project become even better 🤝


    Winners House

  • Amazing Feedback

    Hey, sorry for my delay; we were a little busy; amazing feedback, thank you so much! We will work on all the points and come back for the second audit! What you sent us is very, very helpful for us!


    God Speed

  • Thanks!

    Thank you so much. I am very happy with these results and I will continue to work and develop our project based on your feedback.


    Crypto Geckos

  • Priceless Advice

    You have reviewed our whitepaper and we have made many improvements! Your advice is priceless. Any project that doesn't ask for your audit is doing itself a disservice; your review has given our development team some perspective and excitement around our efforts.



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